Horizonte School Students visit KidsEat! and learn about hunger.

Bennion Ward did over 100 backpacks for KidsEat!  Shown here with KE Volunteers Jeanne Kramer and Enid Hudson (L)

Rosecrest Ward Relief Society Sisters complete their Service Project with a successful gifting. Kathy Briggs in grey sweatshirt was Crew Captain.  

American Adventurer John Lindgren will ride his bike across America to raise funds for KidsEat!  He is sponsored by one of our our donors, Chapman Richards Cares.  Isn't this just simply amazing !

*** ***JULY  SPARKLES ! *** *** 

Volunteers continue to gather every Tuesday and Thursday to fill the backpacks. Here they work diligently filling over 100 bags. ! 

Utah State Legislature donated $2000+ in food and the spouses shown here built us "Buddy Bags" in the Capitol Building.

GBS BENEFITS.. !!  For the 2nd year in a row this amazing group of 5 has come to fill backpacks and give a substantial monetary donation to KidsEat!  Thank you Dan, Laura, Sierra, Chris and Don !

                 Vierra Family 

Ben Williams, a freshman at Alta High took the initiative and on his own did a huge food gifting for us to fulfill an AP Human Geography Service Project for School.  He simply went to our website, found what food we wanted and started his own food drive. THEN he called to ask where to deliver it.  WOW BEN !!!

Fireman Steve Roberson center !

Member of Foothill 2nd Ward during their food gifting. Volunteer Jackie Detmers on right. 


USANA ..Our new Corporate Partner

Sandy Exchange Club brings KE a generous monetary contribution and fills over 100 backpacks during their visit !

Murray 12th Ward Youth smile as a group after they finish their service "gifting" project.

Volunteers Susan Vaughn and Geoff Partiain at the Capitol who helped with the HUGE food drive the Legislature did !

Emigration 6th Ward Relief Society stop to pose and smile while filling backpacks.

Riverview Ward RS provide over 100 backpacks for us ~

Marvelous May !


Bennion 2nd Ward Relief Society sisters smile and have a great time assembling backpacks !

January Kick Off !

KidsEat@ Volunteers Jeannie Kramer, Enid Hudson, Kathy Briggs & Jackie Detmers (wo)man the booth at the Gateway Tatemakers event.

Oquirrah 2nd Ward Youth step up BIG Time to volunteer

The Children's Ministry of Cottonwood Presbyterian Church fill over 100 bags of food on a beautiful Sunday morning. 

This youth group for Elko Nevada visited us in July for a service project !  They were awesome. 

Lisa Hodges and Brodi Ashton

Charlie Caten fulfilled his promise to deliver a lot of food to our pantry and in doing so completed his Eagle Scout Award.  Congratulations Charlie !!




Creekside Youth fill backpacks !

Emily & Helaman Burgess planned a neighborhood children's party where kids created "Buddy Bag's. Here they deliver the goods!!

Silver Mesa Elementary with "Buddy Bag's their 4th graders made! PTA Pres. MaryAnn Curtis with Shelly Olsen KE Volunteer

Coventry Cove residents gather to fill 50 backpacks for KE.  Aren't they darling !


Young Men from Farmington West  Stake Leadership Conference make "Buddy Bags' for their service project. !

Bennion 12th Ward Relief Society Sister enjoy their KidsEat! experience

For the "Own Every Second 5K"  the video featured many local celebrities.  Below is Barry Hecker, former Clippers Coach (L) and Utah Coach Ron McBride.  

The O'Verholt Family stop by the pantry with a donation of food they gathered over Thanksgiving.  Teaching good principles early to these beautiful children.

You can hit the ball further with the croquet mallet when on knees !

Volunteer Nancy Camp went above & beyond the call of duty by delivering directly to the apartment complex of 50 of our children making sure they didn't go hungry on the weekend. !

Ryland Shaw, KidsEat! videographer completes the final cuts for the promo video prior to the 5K.

Southern Utah University Pre-Med Club visited KidsEat! to learn ideas how they can help with Rural hunger

The Logo for the 5K which is in honor and memory of Grant Meyers, Adams brother. 

We appreciate the on-going food gifting of the Murray-Cottonwood 6th Ward. Here Kay Brown brings us food every month !  Thank you so much !

Veritas Funding with Santa

Members of Americorps spent 5 hours volunteering at the KidsEat! pantry on Martin Luther King Day.  How awesome is that?!

March Comes on Strong !!!

Todd Allen, organizer of the Farmington West Stake Leadership Conference drops by our pantry to deliver the "Buddy Bags: the young men made. 

Golf Tournament !



Pictures from "Help Us Bloom"

These two cuties, Nixon and Evelyn were the first to complete our newest 'Gifting" program, the  Buddy Bags",for little kids who want to help us feed Kids! Aren't they precious and they filled 45 bags !


Foothill First Ward Relief Society sisters

​concentrate while filling bags.

Adam Meyers is the presence behind the "Own Every Second 5K" for KidsEat!. This amazing young man has been a huge asset to the KidsEat! program over the past year.

Lynda Brown with Granddaughter Lucy Peifer get ready to ride in the Murray 4th parade. 

Volunteers at the last gifting of 2018 !

Left: Karen Jaenisch wit her lovely daughter  Minday admire one of the centerpieces made by Lisa Hodges!

Salt Lake County Board of Health provided over 50 backpacks and KidsEat! did a presentation for them

Volunteer Susan Vaughn instructs students from St. Vincent DePaul School in the art of filling backpacks. They did over 140 for us !

Ayugi Ntambqwe_Kalala from Usana  meets with Lynda Brown and Jolene Frandsen, KidsEat! Pantry Manager as they prepare to begin a major 2 day event !

Super Volunteers Kathy Briggs and 

Jolene Frandsen laugh and smile at a recent "Gifting". 

Lynda Brown talks with Jeremy Holm, and artist Ran Stewart at the Bobsled table. 

KidsEat! Volunteers Susan Vaughn, Jeanne Kramer and Enid Hudson assist Usana employees who volunteered to assemble 1800 backpacks seen on the right !

APRIL  & the Arts 

Relief Society Sisters from the Lone Hollow Ward gifted us almost 100 backpacks full of food !  Thank you !

SELECT HEALTH  did a food sculpture of 2 mininions and an apple from cans of food for us ! Isn't it amazing !

May also included a trip to San Diego for KidsEat! Founder Lynda Brown, along with Board Members Bob Dunn and Geoff Partain.  Volunteers Jackie Detmers and Nathan Monett joined them for a lovely reception by the Maytag Dependability Award People!

Children from the LDS Group Genesis fill backpacks at their church. 


Murray 1st Ward Relief Society provided 75 backpacks after they had a lovely lunch

Super Volunteer Todd King with former Utah Coach Ron McBride ~~

Wanderwood Ward did the last HUGE gifting of the year with a cowboy theme !.

Jordan River YSA meet at the Institute on SLCC Campus.  They filled 60 backpacks!

Murray Cottonwood Stake Relief Society

provided a HUGE amount of food for our pantry!

Hillcrest High Seminary Leadership  come to learn about KidsEat!, get barrels for a food gifting at their school and make backpacks while there too. 

 Many Buddy Bags were donated in December. 

Geoff Partain and Lindsay Sherrill with John Buck who sold his 400+ yard drives to anxious golfers.

KidsEat!  is happy to announce that GBS Benefits will be the 2019 Backpack Sponsor !  Thank you again to these 5 amazing people for their generosity and support.  Their logo will be on those bags soon!

Sisters from Xi Theta Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi  were in charge of entry to the Salt Lake Magazine Tastemakers event and volunteers for us.

David "OZ" Osterczy held an Art Gallery Showing and gave 10% of profits to KidsEat! Shown here with Lynda Brown

Boy Scout Troop # 3858  donated food to help feed other children.  With their leader Julie Clark.  Darling !

Relief Society and Young Women from the Yalecrest Ward gifted us over 75 backpacks filled with food.  We are so very grateful for their hard work