These two cuties, Nixon and Evelyn were the first to complete our newest 'Gifting" program, the  Buddy Bags",for little kids who want to help us feed Kids! Aren't they precious and they filled 45 bags !

Ben Williams, a freshman at Alta High took the initiative and on his own did a huge food gifting for us to fulfill an AP Human Geography Service Project for School.  He simply went to our website, found what food we wanted and started his own food drive. THEN he called to ask where to deliver it.  WOW BEN !!!

January Kick Off !

Members of Americorps spent 5 hours volunteering at the KidsEat! pantry on Martin Luther King Day.  How awesome is that?!

Charlie Caten fulfilled his promise to deliver a lot of food to our pantry and in doing so completed his Eagle Scout Award.  Congratulations Charlie !!