Coach Ron McBride  with Ute Fan Todd King .

Lynda Brown takes the last shift of the night !  AND she is joined by our newest volunteer  Andrew Johnson.  We made some money for us and listened to great music too. 

Foundation VP's  Sam Melonas and Bob Dunn with ultimate KidsCrew volunteer Jackie Detmers.  

First Annual Golf Classic ! 

In Memory of Thomas R. Brown

                  September 15, 2017

Morning KidsCrew  Lindsay Sherrill, Kaylene Johnson, Colleen King, Coach McBride, Lynda Brown, Nathan Monett

Sponsored by the Kahlert Foundation !

Imma's Mike Dunn and SMADA, Dave Adams

Two of Tom's daughters, Colleen and Christy with ticket  (AKA Beakers) give away prizes at the luncheon. 

Left special Guests included:  Kurt Kraigthorpe, Tribune Sports Editor, Nathan Monett, Ascend;  Basketball coach  Barry Hecker and Andrea Swensen, founder Hello Beautiful Ladies

IMMA  Loni Deland, Coach McBride, IMMA  Tim Alexander and John Alexander


The lovely and gracious Heather Kahlert (L) holding the banner with her Foundation's Name. ... Our sponsor for the Classic

Murray's finest... Gil Rodriguez, Dan Snarr, Blair Camp, Coach McBride, Bob Dunn, Steve Hirase.


Christa Hyde set up the booth takes the first shift at the Blues Festival.  Isn't she just the cutest volunteer !!

Our lovely Jackie Detmers poses by our booth at the Blues Festival.  She made some great contacts for us !

In Honor of this guy... Tom Brown, his friends of 50+ years hoist their own banner. The group is the IMMA's